Benefits of a Web Hosting for Small Business

Many web hosting companies have come up with attractive web hosting packages to attract people to sign up. Not all web hosting companies are reliable so you can end up signing up with the wrong web host if you don’t do enough research. You will have to take time to do research yourself if you want to sign up for the right web hosting plan. There are several factors that you need to look into when you are buying a web hosting plan.

The first thing that you should check is the uptime that the web hosting company offers. Many web hosting companies promise to offer 99.99% uptime but the uptime may falls lower from time to time. You can find out if the uptime guarantee is real by reading customer reviews posted on blogs or web hosting forums. Many people would post on their blogs the uptime score that show the up time of the server after using the hosting for a period of time.

The availability of the customer support is also an important factor to take into account when you are purchasing a web hosting plan. There should be a 24/7 customer support in place so that you can get the web hosting issue fixed even during non business hours. Some of the methods that web hosting companies provide customer support are email, live chat, and telephone.

The web hosting company that you sign up for must provide you with the ability to upgrade. In order to upgrade your hosting, you must choose a web hosting company that offers a number of web hosting plans that differs in disk space and bandwidth features. It will be best if the web hosting companies also offer VPS, reseller and dedicated hosting plans. In case your online business expands, you can easily upgrade to a better web hosting plan that offers more resources without having to relocate your website to another web host.

For small business, you should choose a web hosting plan that allows you to host multiple domains. The majority of the web hosting plans allow you to host at least 25 domains. You should always check how many domains you are allowed to host. If it didn’t states, you should ask the customer representative. If you don’t check how many domains it allows you to host, you may carelessly sign up for a web hosting plan that only allow you to host one domain name. Some of the questions that you should ask yourself when signing up for the web hosting are the type of website you build, traffic volume of your website, Windows application, and special software like PHP.

The web hosting plan that you sign up must offer basic features like scripts installation, htaccess, FTP access, Awstats, web mail clients, cron, MySQL database, and PHP. If you are running an e-commerce store, make sure it offers e-commerce features like shopping cart, and SSL certification. The web hosting company may also offer technical support on how to set up your e-commerce store for example setting up a Prestashop.

You must keep in mind that the sign up hosting price that is advertised on the homepage of the web hosting company site is usually lower than the renewal price. If you plan to use the hosting for more than one year, you should check how much it will cost you to renew the web hosting plan. Besides, the low sign up price may also apply only if you pay for the web hosting in advance for 1 – 3 years.

If you are paying the web hosting monthly, the price that you are charged monthly will be higher. Therefore, you should always check the description carefully as they will put the renewal rate at a smaller fonts that you may not have noticed. You can also ask the representative about how much you will be charged monthly.

It is important to check the refund policy because there is a chance that you won’t be satisfied with the web hosting service. The refund policy will let you know the rules for getting a full refund in the event that you are not satisfied with the web hosting service. Usually, there is a limited period for you to cancel the plan in order to get a full refund.