Excel for mobile? The different versions of Excel and their usages

Excel – Versions and Platforms

Microsoft Excel is ubiquitous in both the business and personal setting. Excel has expanded beyond the Macintosh Operating system to include Windows, iOS, Android, and the internet. While every version of Excel has accomplished the task of making spreadsheets, each platform offers slight differences in the Excel experience. Excel consultants at The Excel Experts can help businesses by syncing the different versions of Excel, so that no matter which version you end up with all the benefits.

Excel for macOS and Windows

Excel was made for the Macintosh Operating system initially, then came to Windows shortly after. The user interfaces of both differed significantly, and the software had to be purchased separately.

Today, the two versions look similar, and both offer the full features that Excel offers. This includes the ability to have multiple windows open, with different Excel files open simultaneously. This version also offers greater functionality for database creation and formatting of data.

Excel for Mobile (iOS and Android)

With the rise of the mobile operating systems, and popularity of mobility through smartphones and tablets, a version of Excel was programmed to work for both major mobile operating systems. The user interface of the mobile version of Excel looks similar to the user interface of the desktop application.

Users can create spreadsheets and graph the data. However, due to the nature of mobile operating systems, only one file and one window of Excel can be open at a time, meaning the current spreadsheet being edited is the only spreadsheet that can be open. However, custom keyboards are used as needed to make data entries easier to use in the mobile operating system.

Excel – Office 365

Recently, Microsoft modernized the office suite of applications to work in the cloud, rebranding this as Office 365. This version is a subscription based model that utilizes an account and adds cloud support for the Microsoft Office applications.

The Office 365 account is compatible with both the desktop and mobile versions of Excel, adding the capability to log into Office 365 and sync all previous documents of Excel stored in OneDrive, and open Excel in a web browser on any computer to edit these documents.

Excel Summary

The current version of Excel offers multiple options for creating spreadsheets and making graphs, ranging from a powerful desktop application, to a lighter mobile application and online version. All these versions utilize a format that is not compatible with older versions of Excel, however it is able to read files created on older versions of Excel.