Watch an eagle wipe out a drone

Eagle knocks drone out of sky

Eagle knocks drone out of sky

If you are an eagle, you hunt. It really is what you do.

If you’re a drone that will get in an eagle’s way, you might be SOL — it truly is what you get.

Earlier this summertime a magnificent wedge-tailed eagle in Australia effortlessly ruined a drone in mid-air. The big chicken utilized its talons to “punch” the flying system, which practically right away dropped from sky and lay on its side, whirring in a unhappy, sluggish-loss of life like way.

A YouTube video clip of the epic take-down has absent viral more than the past 7 days. As of Thursday afternoon, the fifteen-second footage has been considered virtually one.eight million occasions in 5 times.

The eagle is fine, according to the drone’s operating business Melbourne Aerial Online video. It even hovered above the wounded drone for a tiny while soon after knocking it down.

Probably the coolest factor about this most current character compared to tech showdown is the simple fact that we acquired a glimpse of what’s like to be prey.

“This is the previous point a tiny chicken sees when a wedge-tailed eagle decides that you are meal…” Melbourne Aerial Video clip wrote.

Individuals appear to enjoy seeing tech get taken down by wild animals. There are dozens and dozens of videos of hawks, rams and kangaroos smacking down drones that have gotten thousands and thousands of views on YouTube.

In March, a feminine chimp at a Netherlands zoo swatted a drone out of the air with a stick. The drone was being utilised to shoot a Television set show.

“When the clever apes identified the spying plane … they instantly armed themselves with extended sticks,” zookeepers posted on a YouTube page.

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