YouTube CEO: Paid out maternity go away is great for enterprise

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Susan Wojcicki was the first Google staff to get paid time off for maternity depart.

Paid maternity depart is great for moms, it really is great for people, and it is excellent for business.

Which is according to YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, who advocated for all American girls to get the benefit in an oped she penned for the Wall Avenue Journal this week.

She cites an amazing statistic: The price at which new mothers still left Google fell by 50% soon after it improved paid out maternity leave from 12 to eighteen months in 2007. Supplying compensated maternity depart at Google ( GOOG ) , YouTube’s father or mother, has helped the organization avoid pricey turnover and retain competent staff.

Wojcicki herself was the firm’s very first personnel to get maternity leave. In simple fact, she left a occupation at Intel ( INTC , Tech30 ) when she was four months expecting to be a part of the startup. At the time Google experienced zero earnings, only 15 other (all male) employees, and was functioning out of her garage.

Wojcicki wrote the oped as she was getting ready to go on maternity leave once more, for the fifth time, up coming month.

“Ideal of all,” wrote Wojcicki,” mothers come back again to the workforce with new insights.” She stated that getting a mom has manufactured her much more effective. It has also helped her realize the certain needs of moms, who make the shelling out conclusions in most households.

Wojcicki pointed out that the U.S. is the only produced region exactly where the federal government does not mandate paid out maternity leave. Federal legislation only goes as significantly as giving mothers and spouses twelve months of time off — without pay out — and it does not apply to companies with less than fifty employees.

But a handful of states, including California, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Hawaii and New York, have some paid out maternity rules.

Wojcicki stated she is “lucky” to work at a company that delivers paid out maternity leave, “but help for motherhood shouldn’t be a issue of luck.”

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